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The Two Messages

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72 in. x 96 in.
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A description of this painting was written as follows in the 1909 Parsons Daily Newspaper:

In The Two Messages an old man is seated in his armchair before a fireplace with blazing logs. Neither the fireplace nor the logs show, but the warm, reddish glow thrown on the man's figure completes the room in the mind's eye. In contrast to this light by which he is reading the Bible is the bright sunshine pouring through the window near which his granddaughter stands reading a love letter.

Note: The Evening Nonpareil newspaper, September 23, 1909 indicated that the Two Messages painting by Mathias Altin (sic) was demolished in a railroad wreck while in transist to Burlington, Iowa where it was to be exhibited in a John Boesch department store. The news article noted that the painting was valued at $18,000, $7,000 of which was covered by insurance. The painting was apparently later repaired or replaced as it again appeared on tour in 1917.

Location unknown


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