The Spirit of Time

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11.81" x 9"
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Historical Context
Mathias Alten's Grand Rapids changed dramatically during his lifetime. The city he encountered upon first coming to West Michigan from Germany in 1889 was far different by the time of his death in 1938. Between those two points were nearly 50 years of population increases, changing business and political leaders, and evolving cultural institutions and social norms. During his lifetime, Mathias Alten captured many Grand Rapids scenes on his canvases. To know his Grand Rapids, it is necessary to retrace the journey he took through the city's history and see it change as he did. 
Double sided sketch. This is side B (side A is 2013.4.26a). On side B, a women is on a cross holding an object emitting light above her head.
Gift of Gloria Alten Gregory

Painting Origin

Grand Rapids