Feeding the Chickens

Date Created
circa 1924
Work Medium
53 in. x 72 in.
CR Number
Signed: M. Alten lower right
Signature Details
This picture has been alternatively titled, "Boy Feeding Chickens."

Although Alten's nephew, Leo Alten, often claimed he was the model for the boy seen in the picture, it is unlikely as Leo was born in 1907, and would thus have been a boy in his late teens when this canvas was painted.

Further speculation has been made that the boy seen in the picture has a cleft pallette because of the apparent positioning of his lips. It seems more likely however, that Alten painted the young man while "clucking" in order to call the chickens.

Spectrum Health Systems

Dr. John Rupke, Grand Rapids, 1975

Grand Rapids Community College

The artist




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