Fisher Folks, Brittany, France

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25 in x 19 in
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Mathias Alten's many travels took him to the Eastern and Western coasts, where he focused on rocks and sea along California's coast. In 1911 he traveled to Schevenigen in the Netherlands, painting the broad-bottomed fishing boats pulled onto shore as well as clam diggers at work along the beach. There is extant, or a signed companion, watercolor to this painting. The two were exhibited together while in the collection of the Pantlind Hotel in Grand Rapids.
Watercolor image of three figures on a waterfront. A seated woman is having her foot examined by a crouching woman. Both the women are wearing pale off-yellow skirts and dark blue head scarves. Another person is behind them observing, wearing tan sweater/jacket and low-brimmed hat. Boats and water in background.
Gift of Professor John Orr Buckholz

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