Workers in a Field

Date Created
Work Medium
32 in x 26 in x ;39.5" x 33.75"
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Historical Context
Barbed wire, gas tractors, electric washing machines, the Model T automobile, zippers, neon lamps were all recent inventions in 1916, when Alten painted this scene. As the American frontier pushed westward and modern civilization began consuming the landscape, Alten continued to paint idealized pastoral images. His paintings reflect a moment in time that glorified the labor and lifestyle of rural America as industrialization slowly crept into the world around him.
Landscape scene with two men talking near the bottom of the image, there is a large green tree behind them. They are in a farm field and one man is in a horse drawn cart. Buildings in the distance on the right. Top half of image is a cloudy sky. Signed and dated in the lower right.
Gift of George H. and Barbara Gordon

Painting Origin

Grand Rapids