Portrait of Camelia Alten Demmon

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27 in x 35 in x ;34" x 42"
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Historical Context
The 1920s saw many changes for the social and political status of women. More women were entering the workforce and the 19th amendment gave white women the right to vote. However, women still faced an ideological fight surrounding their role in society with some newspapers publishing stories that bemoaned the changing times with titles like: "Evils of Woman's Revolt Against the Old Standards".

This portrait of Camelia exemplifies the idea of the “Modern Woman” of the 1920s. Her clothes are the fashionable “flapper” style which was known for its dropped waists and high hemlines, a daring look at the time. She also attended Michigan State Normal College (now Eastern Michigan University) and was part of a trend of women pursuing higher education.
Woman with colorful dress; orange flower by her right hip.
Gift of Gloria Alten Gregory in Memory of Her Parents Ralph W. and Camelia Demmon

Painting Origin

Grand Rapids