Meandering Stream

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17 in x 13 in
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The German-born American Impressionist Mathias Joseph Alten, often referred to as the Dean of Michigan painters, is regarded as one of the most celebrated regionalist artists to have worked in the United States. Like many artist do, Alten creates in response to the world he is experiencing. Not only was Alten an immigrant who made his home in Grand Rapids but he also lived through WWI, the 1918 flu pandemic, and witness massive global changes in industry, technology, and our environmental landscapes. Today you can view Alten’s life work that is part of GVSU’s permanent collection, as well as the Mathias J. Alten: Online Digital Library that features the over 3,000 known works of art created by Alten during his lifetime. (
Deep blue stream in LR with trees on the left and a field with a pale sky in the background.
Gift of George H. and Barbara Gordon

Painting Origin

Grand Rapids